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  1. Georgia 36-Hour Complete CE Package: Mastering Your Career

    Sku: 503GA123001
    36 Hours

    Put yourself on the path for real success in your career! Designed specifically for newer agents or those who would like a refresher on the necessary fundamentals, our Mastering Your Career package completely fulfills the 36-hour requirement for renewal in Georgia. Strengthen your real estate education foundation.

    Courses included are:

    1. Pricing Property to Sell (6 hrs.)
    2. Licensee as Principal (6 hrs.)
    3. Tax Advantages of Home Ownership (6 hrs.)
    4. Methods of Residential Finance (6 hrs.)
    5. Understanding Closing Statements (9 hrs.)
    6. Georgia License Law Core Course (3 hrs.)*

    **As of July 1, 2015, all Georgia licensees are required to take 36 hours of CE each renewal cycle. This package also meets the 3-hour license law requirement that goes into effect on July 1, 2016.

  2. Commercial Sales and Exchanges (6 Credit Hours)

    Sku: 503GA021001

    Fully understand all the facets of commercial sales and tax deferred exchanges in commercial real estate. This elective course takes a deep dive into the particulars of the commercial contract, procedures for closing, and essential documentation for commercial sales. Additionally, this course contains insight into the requisites for and advantages of tax deferred exchanges.
  3. Green Home Construction (6 Credit Hours)

    Sku: 503GA014001

    Thinking about "going green?" The prevalence of green home construction continues to expand in the U.S. Don't you want to have a better understanding of this market? This course covers various topics in both sustainable design and green home construction including waste management, lot shopping, special safety applications, site work, and building material choices.
  4. Commercial Finance and Investment Analysis (6 Credit Hours)

    Sku: 503GA019001

    An excellent overview of the financial side of commercial real estate, this course begins with the history of the savings and loan business and walks you all the way up the commercial real estate industry's financing practices today. Not only does this course cover the various types of commercial property financing, it takes a deep dive into the characteristics of each. Additionally, this course covers the different approaches for investment evaluation including appraisal, property comparison, capitalization rates, and the time value of money.
  5. Methods of Residential Finance (6 Credit Hours)

    Sku: 503GA037001

    Want to understand the financial component of residential real estate better? A comprehensive overview of finance for residential real estate, this course touches on a multitude of topics including FHA, VA loans, assumptions, alternative financing, conventional financing and purchase money mortgages. This course also covers legislation in regard to financing.
  6. ADA and Fair Housing

    Sku: 503GA011002

    Fair Housing and the Americans with Disabilities Act legislation affects the business of every real estate professional. This course covers the law and how it pertains to real estate professionals, while refreshing their knowledge of the Federal Fair Housing Laws.

    This course covers the prohibitions in the Fair Housing Act, how an individual can enforce the Fair Housing Act, the provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the Fair Housing Act of 1968. It also covers the purpose and scope of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its effects on licensees of the ADA.

  7. Tax Free Exchanges (3 Credit Hours)

    Sku: 503GA077001

    Learn all about tax free exchanges. This course is an excellent introduction to the implications of tax free exchanges for investment properties in residential real estate. Learn what is required to qualify for a tax free exchange, what different kinds of exchanges are available and also various ways that the title can be transferred for the purpose of an exchange.
  8. Short Sales And Foreclosures (3 Credit Hours)

    Sku: 503GA079001

    This course is an overview of short sale transactions, alternatives to short sales, how short sales affect buyers, lenders and sellers, the Home Affordable Modification Program (both HAMP Tier 1 and 2 are included) and the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA II/Short Sale). Highlights include defining what a licensee's role is in a short sale and how to put together the packet needed in a short sale for a lender. Additional topics include how the MARS Rule affects real estate licensees who are working with a client on a short sale, tenant rights in relation to a short sale and also the kinds of lender fraud that licensees should be on the lookout for during the process of a short sale.
  9. Ethics in Real Estate (3 Credit Hours)

    Sku: 503GA027001

    A great refresher in ethics, this course reviews the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Code of Ethics and fulfills the mandatory NAR Ethics Renewal Training requirement. Complete with case studies and various scenarios, students will enjoy a better understanding of what is and is not ethical for real estate professionals. Highlights include decision-making exercises designed for an in-depth understanding of application in daily real estate practice.

9 Item(s)

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